NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, April 28, 2008

DDoS Anniversary Posted by Sean @ 14:34 GMT

There was a "cyberwar" in Estonia one year ago. Civil unrest, protests, and rioting culminated in DDoS attacks against Estonian government websites. What started on the streets moved online with those that couldn't be physically present taking part in DDoS attacks that lasted for more than a week.

We blogged about the attacks here (April 28th), here (April 30th), and here (May 9th).

There were plenty of DDoS tools distributed during the attacks:

April 2007

The anniversary of the riots haven't generated any activity as of yet and we don't expect anything significant later.

More recent failed examples appear to indicate that a good deal of offline heat is required before online attacks catch fire.

An "e-jihad" planned for the 11th of November never materialized.

And earlier this month a DDoS attack planned against CNN resulted in only random outages, mostly in Asia.

Anti-CNN tools were distributed… but without street protests to really capture people's attention, nothing carried-over to online attacks.