NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, May 23, 2008

Jobs:W32/F-Secure Posted by Sean @ 15:29 GMT

Living in Finland can sometimes be a challenge (winter). But then some people make opportunities from those challenges.

Here's the winter commute:


Finland also has its rewards (summer). The weather is excellent right now and the days are getting ever longer.

Here's the office's summer parking lot:


Working for F-Secure provides many interesting challenges and also has its rewards. We're hiring and there are two positions in the Helsinki Research and Response Labs.

The Security Research Program needs a capable antivirus engine developer to produce code that is efficient, high performing, innovative, and robust. You don't necessarily need to know that much about malware to start, but you should be ready for the challenge and eager to learn (and have some fun).

Click here for more information.

Our Lab Development is seeking a software developer. LabDev builds and designs all of our Response systems that we require to contain, analyze, and fight malware. The team is very active as there's no shortage of ideas for new systems in the lab.

Click here for more information. There are also other open positions.

How about our Kuala Lumpur office? Analysts and developers are some of the open positions available. See this page for details.