NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, August 7, 2008

Black Hat and DEF CON Posted by Mikko @ 16:15 GMT

Greetings from Las Vegas, it's again that time of the year.

Black Hat 2008

Black Hat 2008 is in full swing and DEF CON will start tomorrow.

On the first day of Black Hat the most popular presentation was, as could be expected, Dan Kaminsky's DNS talk. The room was totally packed while Dan went through in detail what exactly was the story behind the biggest vulnerability announcement of the year.

People attending Dan Kaminsky's talk

Dan actually spent most of his talk coming up with creative ways on how to exploit this DNS problem and combine it with other vulnerabilities - quite creative. Bottom line; if DNS doesn't work, pretty much nothing will work.

We have a presentation of our own coming on Sunday at noon in DEF CON, when Teo and Hirosh from our labs will talk about how to fight new types of phishing.

Def Con

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