NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, August 18, 2008

Drops, Dumps, CVVS, WMZ, WU, et cetera... Posted by Mikko @ 11:41 GMT

Underground forums are always full of chatter around various activities related to online crime.

You keep reading about things like dumps (stolen credit card information), carding (using those cards), WU (Western Union), WMZ (Webmoney), CVVs (card verification value) and drops.

So what's a drop?

A drop is a remailing location. Many online shops refuse to send expensive items (think laptops, video cameras and so on) to faraway countries. So criminals use stolen credit cards to purchase items and have them mailed to a local drop, where someone else picks up the gear and forwards it to the final destination. Alternatively the dropkeeper will simply sell the goods in online auctions and then credits the carder with part of the profits.

Here's an example from an underground forum where an individual is advertising his website, providing such services. He offers 25% of the profits of the carder items to the carder — keeping 75% to himself.


And here's his website. Nice one.