NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Really Legal Stuff Posted by Sean @ 16:16 GMT

WinDefender 2008 is a rogue application. Rogues are also sometimes known as scareware.

Spyware Rogue : WinDefender 2008

Looks sort of familiar, doesn't it? Do you recognize the shape of the box?

The website creators appear to have "borrowed" a few things.

Let's check out the legal disclaimer.

Spyware Rogue : WinDefender 2008 : Really Legal Stuff

Hey — Really Legal Stuff — That's impressive. From where else we can find really legal stuff?

Spyware Rogue : Antivirus XP 2008 : Really Legal Stuff

Oh, Antivirus XP 2008. That particular rogue is a huge pain in the… neck.

The guys that produce this stuff are crooks and swindlers.

Spyware Rogue : Antivirus XP 2008

Here's a tip: If they claim to be REALiable — they're probably FAKE.

P.S. Performing a search for "really legal stuff" produces some very interesting but definitely NOT safe for work results.

Avoid following the links.