NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, November 24, 2008

Stickers 2008 Posted by Sean @ 18:03 GMT

Laptop stickers — they're very popular.

Six weeks ago, we requested suggestions, hosted a couple of polls, and then picked our our favorites from the suggestions.

Wing Fei, from our Kuala Lumpur Lab, placed the order and ended up giving away a bunch of stickers at Hack In The Box Security Conference 2008Malaysia.

Last week, Wing Fei was in Helsinki for our pikkujoulu and we now have our own stack of stickers here in the Helsinki Lab. So now it is time to start giving some away to weblog readers.

Laptop stickers 2008

Here are the handles of those that provided the selections used, and a few of the top poll choices.

Top sticker suggestions

Requests for postal addresses will be sent this week, watch for it. We will also pick several random names from the 100 or so others that made submissions. Cheers!