NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, December 18, 2008

iSpy an iPhone Spy Posted by Response @ 15:44 GMT

There are some new developments on the mobile security front. Spy tool applications are now available for Apple's iPhone. Symbian and Windows Mobile spy tools have been around from two and a half to almost three years.

Now it would seem that it's finally the iPhone's turn.

One of the two spy vendors appears to require a jailbroken iPhone. They also claim to be the "first and only" spy software. If only that were true. Their application can be installed on 3G model iPhones.

Mobile� spy dot com

…and on December 21st, a second option will be available. This vendor's comparison chart claims quality and features over costs.

Note that their application lets you "secertely" spy.

Flexi� spy dot com

It doesn't seem entirely sure based their promotional promises, but it appears that vendor number two may be able to jailbreak, install, and then un-jailbreak the iPhone during its installation. It can be installed on older iPhones as well as current.

We wonder what Apple's position on this will be; will they do anything about it? What do you think?

We won't bother providing these spy vendors with a backlink to our weblog, so if you want to see more, use the addresses in the image below.

The first link in the set is a blog, not a vendor.

Links to iPhone spy tool information