NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do Android Phones Dream of Electric Sheep? Posted by Response @ 15:38 GMT

Android logoWe've been following news during the past few days regarding a possible rogue Android application, available in the Android market.

A number of forum discussions were focusing on an application called MemoryUp which is produced by eMobiStudio (emobistudio.com). There were reports of Android phones deleting information, sending spam to contact lists, and installing adware. All of this was supposedly done to the phone without permission by MemoryUp.

We did a bit of digging into the issue but couldn't verify any of the claims made about MemoryUp's maliciousness. We studied a couple of the versions that are readily available and none of them attempted to break anything on the Android platform nor did they attempt to do things other than what the application promises to do.

Google has investigated, and their spokeswoman stated: "In the versions we tested, MemoryUp cannot perform any of the malicious things it is reported to have done."

See Wired: Android App No Malware, Says Google

We agree with Google. There's nothing malicious about MemoryUp.

If you think you're one of those that has actually seen the application misbehave, please send us a comment.

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