NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sample Analysis System Posted by Sean @ 15:47 GMT

Our Lab Development (LabDev) team has produced a new service that we want to tell you about.

It's called F-Secure Sample Analysis System.

The system has undergone testing for several weeks and now we would like you, our readers, to try it out. It is a significant upgrade from our current sample submission form.

Create an account: Sample Analysis System accounts display details and information regarding your submissions. Regular users will now be able to track their submission results as a group.

Here's an example of the My Samples view:

Sample Analysis System, My Samples View

So, with this new system, you'll know what we know. And when we know more, your account view will be updated automatically.

Anonymous submissions have been simplified, but there is currently a 5MB limit on file size. Registered accounts have less restricted upload limits.

The system is designed to be flexible, and has additional features that are available based on the user's needs and requirements. We'll discuss more on that later…

For now, please try it @: https://analysis.f-secure.com.