NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Species 2009 Posted by Patrik @ 10:58 GMT

Greetings from a snowy Netherlands where a bunch of us are at our annual Species conference, an event for our ISP partners.

Keynote from Species 2009

Partnering with ISPs to provide Security as a Service has been a core strategy for several years and we now have over 180 partners working with us to secure end-users. In fact, we have more ISP partners in Europe, US and Asia than any other antivirus vendor. This means that we have millions of users around the world running our software who have never heard of F-Secure — and that's fine with us.

At this year's conference we have participants from over 22 different countries and it's been a great event where we've been able to, not only share our views and ideas on what F-Secure and our products will look like in the future; but the partners can share their experiences on everything from customer support and marketing, to implementation of new services.