NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Safer Internet Day 2009 Posted by Sean @ 09:57 GMT

Today is Safer Internet Day 2009 — an annual event coordinated by InSafe.

Blog reader (MJ) sent us a reminder, some links, and highlighted this year's anti-cyberbullying campaign.

German speakers can find more information from klicksafe.de (English information about the klicksafe project).

France's safe Internet site is called Internet Without Fear.

Then there's the Finnish based Security School (Tietoturvakoulu) and Information Security Guide (Tietoturvaopas).


Another excellent resource is digizen.org. The site has sections regarding cyberbullying (films) as well as social networking.

Social Networking sites can often be the location of cyberbullying.

Do you have any additional resource suggestions? If so, please post a comment. And have a good Safer Internet Day.