NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's PDF Patching Day Posted by Mikko @ 15:59 GMT

Get the patches while they are hot:

Update Foxit Reader if you have it already.
Update Adobe Reader if you still have it.

Foxit 3.0.2009.1506

Do note that while we are recommending users move away from Adobe Reader, we are not recommending any particular replacement.

So, we're not recommending Foxit. We're not recommending Sumatra. Or PDF-Xchange, CoolPDF or eXPert PDF.

Instead, we recommend users to find their own Adobe Reader replacement.

This way we get more heterogeneous userbase, which is a good idea security-wise. Nobody wants to repeat what happened with the great IE —> Firefox switch. As 40% of users switched to Firefox, about 40% of the attacks switched to target Firefox.

Monocultures are bad.