NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YouTube Videos Promoting "Wii Points Generator" are Backdoors Posted by Sean @ 17:33 GMT

Christopher Boyd of FaceTime Security Labs wrote an interesting post regarding YouTube videos that promote Nintendo Wii Points Generators. They're a scam of course… and greedy victims attempting to steal Wii Points will get a malicious backdoor called Bifrose for their trouble.


Checking out some of the videos for ourselves, we discovered that the video information sections contained a link to a RapidShare download called Generator.exe. That's a trojan-dropper that installs the Bifrose backdoor.

There are a number of such Wii scams on YouTube, and for several months too.


At the top of the list is itunesGenerator, age 18:


His Wii Points video has almost 36,000 views.

And his channel has 252 Subscribers??? We thought that was interesting.


Who are these people? Fake accounts to support his feedback? Or affiliates that have purchased backdoor access?

And here's a selection of his "positive" feedback:


Of course the comments are moderated. Do you think our comment will be approved?


No — Not very likely.

We flagged the video with YouTube, but as Mikko's post from last week shows, YouTube doesn't really have an exact match for this type of scam. You can flag videos for visual content promoting physical bodily harm, but it's more difficult to warn of content with harmful consequences to your computer, should you follow its advice.

Update: Searching for XBox Points Generator and iTunes Gift Cards also leads to malware and phishing sites.

We hope this is something that YouTube acts on soon.