NEWS FROM THE LAB - Sunday, April 19, 2009

Malware Analysis Course Materials Now Available Posted by Mika @ 15:54 GMT

As we blogged on New Year's Eve, we have been teaching malware analysis and antivirus technologies at Helsinki University of Technology again this Spring.

TKK Main Building in Otaniemi

Above: TKK (Helsinki University of Technology) main building. Photo taken February 2009 on a fairly "white sky" day.

Antti giving a lecture

Above: Antti Tikkanen giving a lecture on dynamic analysis of malware

The lectures are now over and the students have about a month to turn in their final assignments. Even though the "last hurrah" for the 2009 Spring course is is still missing, I would like to thank TKK staff and FS Labs lecturers for the course. I would also like to thank the students; It was again a real pleasure to teach motivated and smart people. I'm really looking forward to receiving the final project submissions.

For those interested, slides for all of the lectures are available in PDF format from the course homepages.

Lecture schedule

— Mika, Principal lecturer of T-110.6220, Spring 2009