NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, May 11, 2009

l337 Beta Testers Needed Posted by Sean @ 14:23 GMT

Do you enjoy installing and trying out new software? Do you want the chance to win an iPod? Yes? Okay, then keep reading…

Our most recent build of F-Secure Internet Security Technology Preview (ISTP) was released last Friday, version 9.40 build 172. Some big changes are being implemented into our products and ISTP 9.40 is our first look at them. The Security Lab has been testing 9.40 and we'd like to encourage our blog readers to do so as well. (Download Beta Programs)

The most immediate change you'll notice is the first-level GUI.

F-Secure Technology Preview 9.40

It is quite different from our present design and will eventually the basis of the entire GUI. It's still evolving so feedback is very formative at this point, if not this year's releases, then next.

There are also numerous changes in the technology:

  •  Scanning performance improvements
  •  Boot optimization
  •  Processes optimization
  •  DeepGuard enhancements
  •  New Spam Control
  •  New network-based Parental Control

Here's an example of our new Browsing Protection options.

F-Secure Technology Preview 9.40  <br />Browsing Protection

Exploit Shield and a network based reputation protection is now integrated (IE and Firefox). Known bad sites will be blocked, and unknown sites will be "shielded" against. And when the Shield is activated, we'll learn about yet another bad site… and that builds a protective feedback loop. The next visitor will be blocked from visiting rather than shielded.

Those of you familiar with our current lineup know that DeepGuard is found within our Real-time scanning "System Control" settings. DeepGuard is now uncoupled from Real-time scanning options and includes enhanced process monitoring.

F-Secure Technology Preview 9.40  <br />DeepGuard

ISTP's DeepGuard utilizes our "Cloud" of course.


And known malicious applications are blocked on the basis of server queries.


If you're offline, DeepGuard can automatically block malicious applications using our latest behavioral engine technology.

DeepGuard Flyer

Alright, so there are a number of important changes and there's lots of testing and work to be done still. And even though we're testing internally, you know that real-world testing by actual users is very important to the process.

This time around, we'd really like some significant feedback. Anybody testing ISTP 9.40 build 172 that submits detailed feedback to the Beta Program will be eligible for a prize drawing. (We'll grandfather in those of you that have already provided detailed feedback on build 165.) The Beta Program team is gathering up the budget for some iPods and/or other cool stuff; details will soon be posted on the Beta Program page.

Another cool thing about the technology… it's updated automatically. Which means that if you are running ISTP 9.30 — It should update itself to Build 172 today via our update channel. If it doesn't soon, that's the kind of feedback we want to read about.

Download ISTP from the Beta Programs page. Cheers!

One additional note that's very important to us here in the Lab — this ISTP 9.40 release includes lots of changes to our detection technologies. They are more proactive and heuristic than in previous product releases. (DeepGuard being a good example.) This should enhance our detection of undefined/unknown malware. If you discover any new samples, we want them! Also, if you encounter a detection that's too aggressive, you can help us with feedback there as well.

Please use our Sample Analysis System to provide the Lab feedback on detection related issues.

And the Beta Program Feedback form should be used for product related issues.