NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, June 8, 2009

ISTP Network Reputation is Pretty Cool Posted by Sean @ 15:12 GMT

I've been testing our ISTP for several weeks now here in the Lab.

The more that I use our ISTP — the more I find to like — and I'm very much looking forward to this year's product releases.

This past weekend I tested some new ISTP features from home. One thing I've never really had a need for is anti-spam for a POP mail account. I've been using webmail since 1997.

That's why I was curious to test our new Browsing protection ratings for webmail based links. And I have to say, it does a pretty credible job so far. I'm looking forward to it being in full production.

Here's a sample screenshot using a malware domain list pulled from malwaredomains.com, a useful blocklist site. The red "X" icons show the domains that our network reputation services already recognize as malicious.

ISTP Browsing protection

Next I e-mailed myself some Facebook phishing links.

ISTP Browsing protection

The fourth URL in my test isn't detected, so I clicked on the "?" icon to report that particular link.

ISTP Browsing protection

Then all I needed to do was to select "It is harmful to use" and to click on the OK button.

ISTP Browsing protection

That then submits information to be analyzed by our Network Reputation team and their automation.

To Jay-R and team — Keep up the good work! This is a great service.

Signing off,