NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quarterly Updates Posted by Sean @ 15:49 GMT

Microsoft delivered lots of updates yesterday. See the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June 2009 for full details.

Running your Microsoft Updates is all you'll need to patch your system.

However, there is something new on this particular update cycle — Adobe.

Back on May 20th, Brad Arkin stated on Adobe's ASSET blog that the company would be moving to a quarterly update cycle.

Adobe Regular Security Updates

And that's a promising move as it helps to highlight the need to keep your Adobe applications up-to-date.

As we've noted before, Adobe Acrobat/Reader exploits account for nearly half of the targeted attack cases we've analyzed.

So you want to stay updated.

Targeted attacks 2009 ytd

You can find this quarter's Adobe updates from Adobe's Security bulletins and advisories.