NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cyber Attacks on Malaysian Websites Posted by WebSecurity @ 03:30 GMT

On August 31 Malaysia celebrated its National Day. It was also the day hackers (who claimed to be from "INDONESIAN CODER") launched an attack against a Malaysian-based web host and defaced over 100 websites, most of them Malaysia-oriented. The affected websites include national institutes, universities and media and business sites.

A couple screenshots of the affected sites:



The hackers appear to be a loose coalition of various groups or teams. Individual hacker or team names used include ServerIsDown, MainHack, Brotherhood, Indonesian Coder and YogyaCarder Link.

The following is a sample of the affected sites:


The above was originally reported on a forum at Oraumum (http://www.oraumum.com/index.php/topic,1663.0.html, Indonesian language). More details were also available on the indonesioncoder.com blog.

Some of the sites are now clean or have been taken offline by their administrator. Some of them are still active. Defaced sites are rated as "unsafe" by our products until the pages are removed.

Web Security team post by — Chu Kian


Updated to add: Post edited to indicate the attack was primarily against a single web host, rather than against multiple servers.

Updated again to add: The Jakarta Globe website carried an article with more details on this incident, including comments from an Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman.