NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Swayze-Baited Traps Posted by WebSecurity @ 03:27 GMT

First it was spam; now it is videos. People looking for videos of Patrick Swayze's funeral may stumble across the following website listed in Google's search results:

Swayze video

Folks may think that they need to click on the "video" to enable video streaming. Actually, it's an image and clicking on it takes the user to another website that promises this video:

Swayze video 2

And clicking on THIS video ends up with the victim unintentionally downloading a rogue AV.

Incidentally, on the first website the bottom video is an actual YouTube video that's completely unrelated to the funeral and is not linked to malware.

The relevant malicious websites used in this attack are already blocked by our Browsing Protection.

Web Security post by — Chu Kian