NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trojan Goes OldSkool Posted by Response @ 06:08 GMT

Remember those long-gone days when malware popped up strange, cheeky or amusing messages while they 0wned your computer? We had a recent reminder with Trojan:W32/LongLeeb.A.

On booting up Windows, the trojan displays the following message box:

Trojan:W32/LongLeeb, Salutation

The message is in Tagalog, and reads: "Long live Gloria, FG, Abalos, Chavit, Jok Jok, Gonzales, Jose Pidal!". All the names mentioned refer to real Filipinos.

Again, on the Desktop, the following message is displayed:

Trojan:W32/LongLeeb, Manny

Which basically says: "Again, Long live Philippines! Long live Manny Pacquiao, too!!!"

The trojan itself is fairly cookie-cutter, but the messages are so reminiscent of early 90's viruses, it almost makes us feel… nostalgic.

Response post by — Irene