NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silence Hypponen Posted by Mikko @ 15:20 GMT

I used to have a Twitter account, called mikkohypponen

I used it to tell about things I saw while doing computer security research.

This turned out to be quite popular.

But then, two days ago, I got banned from Twitter.

Kicked off Twitter

My account was suspended by Twitter without explanation.

Since then I've received no further information from them and they have not responded to my queries.

My account was not hacked. Nevertheless, it was suspended because of "suspicious activity".

If you try to view my account, this is what you'll see:

Kicked off Twitter

Dear Twitter, was it something I said?

Unfortunately you can't go and read my tweets any more, as Twitter has removed them:


Right now I'm quite happy that I regularly took a backup of my Tweets. So now I can take that backup and post my full Twitter history for the world to see.

Lets have a poll on this.

What do you think, which of my Tweets got me suspended?

Select one from below:

 1  Apparently www.nsa.gov was hacked [sql injection] last week: http://bit.ly/8WRWJ
10:49 PM Oct 5th from bit.ly
 2  Make an impression: Print this is out and leave on top of your paper stacks: http://bit.ly/qkp7O [pdf from army.pentagon.mil]
5:42 PM Oct 1st from bit.ly
 3  A wildcard SSL certificate available for download: http://bit.ly/2WoCBl
4:48 PM Oct 1st from bit.ly
 4  Not sure if these files are supposed to be public, esp. "REQUEST FOR FORT KNOX SECRET NETWORK ACCOUNT.pdf"... http://bit.ly/BfbR7
6:00 PM Sep 29th from web
 5  Criminals are mass-generating fake Twitter accounts for profit: http://bit.ly/owG6j Be careful.
12:46 PM Sep 20th from bit.ly
 6  Here's an example of spammers paying money to Google: http://bit.ly/eI5Bq
9:45 PM Sep 18th from bit.ly
 7  Helpful when locating fresh malicious sites etc. Add this to a Google search URL to find sites created within last 15 hours: &tbs=qdr:h15
11:55 AM Sep 16th from web
 8  The FTP server that time forgot: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com - including files from 1993 and directories called 'garbage' or 'junk'...
10:32 PM Sep 4th from web
 9  Browsable online shop for blank credit cards. Wow. http://imagine-supplies.110mb.com/
10:07 PM May 18th from web
10  Yet another Twitter worm last night. More info & screenshots: http://bit.ly/q7lnf
9:15 AM Apr 18th from bit.ly

…or maybe it was something else?

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Updated on 9th by editor: Mikko's account now appears to be "un-banned".