NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, October 9, 2009

Twitter Still Doesn't Get It Posted by Mikko @ 10:11 GMT

As I reported yesterday, Twitter suddenly removed my account without explanation.

They have now unsuspended the account. You can visit it here.

I also received this explanation from Twitter last night:

        I've unsuspended your acct.
        You were suspended for using the malware URL rnyspeceDOTcom in DMs.
        Be careful!
        We scan evrythng for malware.

They are referring to this tweet I sent in August:

   I guess somebody will fall for it...a desperate Myspace phishing site
at www. rnyspece. com. (don't go there).
1:37 PM Aug 3rd from web


Banning me for that?

Two months afterwards?

This sure makes no sense to me.

But at least they've now uncensored my tweets (including the above tweet) and made my account accessible again.

Apparently they still think I'm dangerous, as they have now removed all my followers. As well as everybody I was following.

So while the episode might be over otherwise, it did leave a slight dent in my follower count, as you can see below…


Hey, Thanks.


Updated to add: Michael Krigsman of ZDNet posted an excellent Project Failures Analysis on what went wrong inside Twitter when they banned me.