NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, October 19, 2009

Face the Truth: IM Spam Posted by WebSecurity @ 05:44 GMT

With the recent attention on SMS spam, let's not forget to be careful on IM, that other favorite medium for spreading social engineered links.

I recently received a message from someone who sent me this link:

IM Phishing message

Which lead to a website where the user can supposedly view the uploaded photos by entering their MSN log-in credentials:

IM Phishing

Yep, more password-stealing madness.

Incidentally, that same website was recently registered on 16 Oct. 2009 in China, and shares the same IP as a bunch of other "truth"-type sites: your-lolful-truth.com, face-real-truth.com, face-the-truth.com and joseccmonteiro.your-lolful-truth.com.

WebSecurity post by — Choon Hong