NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alaska Day and SEO Attacks Posted by WebSecurity @ 07:04 GMT

SEO attacks driving users to rogue AV sites isn't exactly new, but it does seem to be getting more widespread. Now, the "bait" they use to draw in unsuspecting users isn't just related to major world events or well-known holidays.

October 18th is Alaska Day, an official state holiday in the northern US state of Alaska, when many towns will take part in big Alaska Day festivities. It's not a well-known holiday, even in the US. Still, someone's taking advantage of it to do some social engineering.

Anyone searching for "Alaska Day" information may see the following website:

Alaska SEO, Google

Hmm, "reptiles of alaska"? Sounds rather intriguing. If you click on the link though, as with most of these cases, the visitor gets redirected to a final webpage that displays fake alerts and a image of a fake scan:

Alaska SEO, popup

Alaska SEO, Popup

The redirection path followed is:

Alaska SEO, redirection path

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WebSecurity post by — Chu Kian