NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, October 23, 2009

Time Warner Cable Modem/Router Fail Posted by Sean @ 13:45 GMT

When speaking about Internet worms, I like to point out that my personal computer hasn't been connected to the Internet in years, at least not directly.

I've had a WiFi router connected to the Internet via my cable modem since late 2003, which provides me with a security benefit. NAT routers act like a hardware firewall. Only requested traffic makes its way to my PC.

So, no direct Windows connection to the Internet, no worms such as blaster to worry about.

However, these days, there's malware that tries to work its way through home routers.

At that's why I want to link to this story:


There are 64,000 SMC 8014 wireless router/cable modems that only limit Administrator access using JavaScript. Connect to the router with your browser's JavaScript disabled, and you have full access.

Including the ability to copy a configuration file that contains the administrative login and password in plain-text.

The issue was discovered by a blogger at chenosaurus.com.

I read about the story via Tim Greene at PC World.

If you have one of these SMC 8014 routers, check out the links for further details.

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