NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Is It! Posted by Fei @ 15:59 GMT

It seems like most people who have gone to watch the Michael Jackson This Is It movie have told me that it is really worth watching.

However, we are not too sure if Michael Jackson's Official Website at www.michaeljackson.com is actually worth visiting now.

MJ search results

Well, it turned up on our systems, which indicate that some of the child pages have been compromised with malicious scripts.

MJ site

At the time of analysis, the malicious scripts were not leading users to malware (yet) — but they will probably remain there until someone cleans it up and fixes the vulnerable code as well.

We will rate the site SAFE in our Browsing Protection again once the site is cleaned up.

Browsing Protection, michaeljackson.com

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