NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jobs and Money Mule Scams Posted by Response @ 05:09 GMT

With the unemployment rate rising, websites advertising job listings have been mushrooming. Some are the real deal, and some are not. We have also seen an increase in spam e-mails regarding job offers.

We came across this particular spam e-mail that has been circulating, looking for someone to be a money mule:

Money Mule Scam

If you try going to the domain mentioned in the spam, you will be redirected to a job listing site that lists jobs in Finland by industry.

Interestingly, when you check the IT & Internet job listings and proceed with any of the jobs listed:

Fake FS Jobs

You will find a fictional F-Secure recruiter listing, complete with our contact information:

Fake FS Jobs Recruiter

Apparently, we're looking to fill about 200 positions in our Helsinki office.

Just to be clear — those are definitely not authorized offers from us. The rest of the site is full of work from home offers and other slightly suspect listings.

Be careful out there if you're looking through job sites.

Oh, and if anyone out there would like to join F-Secure, please browse the job listings on our official website or a trusted source.