NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wallpapers - Retrospective Posted by Alia @ 08:00 GMT

One of our readers recently sent us a wallpaper he created, using our new style and logo:

It was a nice gesture — thanks George Janiashvili!

His work looks a bit like a re-imagined version of our old WorldMap wallpaper:

WorldMap 25.01.2007

We've had a few F-Secure wallpapers over the years, most of them pretty simple and unadorned – nothing fancy.

Still, a couple readers have asked after one of our older wallpapers:

Be Sure

So here it is in 1400x1050.

A quick look around the Response Lab shows that, funnily enough, quite a few of us are still using our even older, early 90s-style wallpaper:

Be Sure

Though a few of the more up-to-date folks are using the new branding as their desktop background:

F-Secure 800x600



Simple and clean, just the way we like it. Now to make sure the computer stays that way…