NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, January 25, 2010

Book: "Fatal System Error" Posted by Mikko @ 15:19 GMT

There's a new book out on Cyber Crime. This one is written by Joseph Menn. Joseph has covered computer security for Financial Times and the Los Angeles times for years.

The book is called Fatal System Error.

Fatal System Error

The book covers in detail several interesting real-world stories on computer criminals. For example, it covers the history of online crime sites like Carderplanet, Shadowcrew and DarkMarket. It talks about the credit card thefts of Albert Gonzales. It even talks about Ghostnet and some of the targeted attacks that have now been in headlines.

And there's a very detailed rundown on what happened with the so-called Balakov Trio which we have mentioned in our blog before.

Fatal System Error

The book is due for release tomorrow, 26th of January.