NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, February 22, 2010

Do you sign your code? Posted by Response @ 15:24 GMT

The lab has a survey request. As Windows 7 gains market share, code signing is becoming more important for software developers.

A byproduct of more clean code being signed is that malware authors now have greater incentives to get their stuff signed in order to prevent it from being easily distinguished from legitimate software.

With this in mind, we'd like to run a questionnaire aimed at developers who sign their code.

So if you're a Windows developer, we would appreciate it very much if you would care to answer following short survey.

1. Do you sign your code?
2. Do you have a separate server for signing code, or are you signing on same computer as you use for development?
3. Are you either signing your files without a password, or have you made a signing batch file that contains the password?
4. Do you browse the Internet, read email, or use your development computer in other activities than just pure development?
5. Do you run antivirus software on your development and/or signing computers?
6. Has your development and/or signing computer ever been infected with a virus or other other type of malicious software?
7. What verifications were required when you applied for your signing certificate?
8. Has your signing certificate even been stolen?
9. Additional comments.

Click here to answer. Cheers!