NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SC Magazine's Five to Follow Posted by Sean @ 17:04 GMT

SC Magazine (US) is hosting security blog awards next week at RSA Conference 2010 and our own Mikko Hypponen is among the nominees in the Five to Follow on Twitter category.


Mikko decided to take a look at "this Twitter thingy" last year and has now posted over 900 tweets with more than 5,600 followers.

Here's an example of the type of thing you might find from his feed. Lots of good stuff there…

Here's SC Mag's poll. Be sure to check out the other categories on their front page. Thanks.


Updated to add: The poll is closed. Results will be announced at Tuesday's SC Magazine Awards 2010 gala in San Francisco.

Updated to add: Mikko was voted one of the "Five to Follow". Congrats to Mikko.

All results can be found at twitter.com/SCMagazine.