NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, March 8, 2010

Darkmarket Avatars Posted by Mikko @ 11:19 GMT

As "JiLsi" — one of the online criminals from Darkmarket — was sentenced last week to almost five years in prison, we have received some media queries on the case.

In particular, one journalist wanted to know what JiLsi (aka Renu Subramaniam), Matrix001 (aka Markus Kellerer) and Cha0 (aka ´┐Żağatay Evyapan) looked like when they were posting to the Darkmarket forum.

So I went back to my notes and dug up example posts from the guys, complete with their avatar icons. Perhaps these are interesting for our blog readers too.

Darkmarket matrix001

Darkmarket JiLsi

Darkmarket cha0

Darkmarket matrix