NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updated Health Check Posted by Alia @ 08:34 GMT

health-check-128Our Online Tools team recently released an updated version of our Health Check utility. In addition to the updated signature database, new features added are:

  • Monthly e-mail reminder to run Health Check
  • Additional browser support for Chrome 3.0 and Opera 10.10

Recap: F-Secure Health Check is an online check that tells you if your computer is protected. It is designed to help a busy computer user simplify their computer/program security maintenance routine, so it will:

  • Check for security updates for the most frequently used programs (OS, browsers, media players, etc.)
  • Check that documents, image files, etc. are backed up
  • Provide a summary of the computer's 'health' or overall security, and recommendations for improving it

You can try out the Health Check tool here.

Also, website owners can include Health Check as a free web widget.