NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, April 23, 2010

MS10-025 Withdrawn For Now Posted by Alia @ 05:15 GMT

Microsoft recently announced it has withdrawn its MS10-025 security update when they found the update didn't adequately address the underlying issue it was intended to fix.

The update and subsequent withdrawal affects only Windows 2000 servers that have the optional Windows Media Service installed.

A re-release of the patch is due sometime in the next week. Pending the re-release, F-Secure has withdrawn the signature for this vulnerability from our Vulnerability database.

In the meantime, mitigation and workaround strategies listed in the MS10-025 bulletin are still considered effective.


Updated to add: The MS10-025 Security Update has been re-released (April 28th). Windows 2000 Server users with the non-default Windows Media Services installed are advised to install the latest update.