NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, September 6, 2010

New Spam Worm on Facebook Posted by Sean @ 23:46 GMT

A clever spammer has discovered a Facebook vulnerability that allows for auto-replicating links. Until now, typical Facebook spam has required the use of some social engineering to spread.

But clicking on any of these application spam links is enough to "share" the application to the user's Wall.

See the search results below:

I thought this survey

Note that each of search results were posted "via Mobile Web", which suggests that a common bug is being exploited. Or perhaps the spammer is posting via m.facebook as it's generally more responsive than the main site.

It's also interesting that the application links seem almost polymorphic or Captcha-like.

All of the links that we tested resulted in a page not found, so Facebook appears to have halted the worm's progress.

Tip hat to All Facebook, read more here.