NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hack In The Box 2010 Malaysia Panel Discussion Posted by Alia @ 02:45 GMT

Mikko was one of the participants in the special keynote panel discussion on "The Future of Mobile Malware & Cloud Computing" at last week's Hack In The Box 2010 Malaysia conference:

Mikko at HitB2011

Some of the points discussed included: the potential effect of having so many phone operating systems; quite a bit about Apple's App Store and how well the filtering is functioning (and also how it's unlikely anyone but Apple could pull it off); the possibility of filtering by the telecommunications providers; and a bit about problems involved in effectively blocking mobile malware.

Oh, and a bit about how Stuxnet is getting more media coverage than its actual threat potential warrants.

A live stream of the discussion was available at the HitB website during the event, but unfortunately it's no longer available. Hopefully, a recording of the discussion might be available later on.