NEWS FROM THE LAB - Sunday, November 28, 2010

FB Spam Spam Spam... Posted by Sean @ 16:39 GMT

Looks like the situation hasn't improved with the Facebook spam we've been tracking since Thursday.

The "This Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted THIS on her Wall" application, using a URL of http://apps.facebook.com/suicidegirlg, worked its way past the letter M yesterday (suicidegirlm).

And today the URL is based on "a dead girl" and is using the letter G as in /adeadgirlg.


Not exactly the Da Vinci Code, is it? We predict the next version of the application will be http://apps.facebook.com/adeadgirlh.

Hopefully Facebook can take version H offline faster than version G…

The "This Girl killed Herself After her Husband Posted this on her wall" application is still being posted by "Trica".

Teenage MOM killed herself because of her DAD post

This time the account is linked to an application called "Teenage MOM killed herself because of her DAD post".

And then finally, there's the "Profile Watcher" applications posted by bit.ly user gsoft:


This spammer is having a very successful holiday weekend; his public stream now shows a total of more than 686,000 clicks!