NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, December 2, 2010

10,000 Posted by Mikko @ 09:59 GMT

The F-Secure HQ in Helsinki has been in the same building for more than ten years. So we are renovating the building at the moment. As a result, the lab had to move to a different floor while we rebuild the area.

As I was collecting my gear to be moved away, I noticed a book.

When we were running the CARO 2010 Workshop in the spring, the speaker gift to be given to each speaker was a copy of the book Fatal System Error, signed by the author Joseph Menn.

Because we can't count, turns out we have one extra copy of the book left.

fatal system error by Joseph Menn

So I wanted to give it away.

I also noticed another thing. Quite remarkably, I'm getting close 10000 followers on my Twitter account. That's a lot.


So, my 10000th follower will get the book.

As Twitter followers fluctuate up and down, there will probably be multiple accounts that are listed as the 10000th follower. I'll choose which one gets the book.

Follow me at twitter.com/mikkohypponen.


Updated to add: And the winner is Guddeman! Thanks, all.