NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, December 10, 2010

Adware.smartad.d Posted by Mikko @ 07:22 GMT

Unfortunately we had a nasty false alarm couple of hours ago.

The false alarm involved the detection Adware.smartad.d, which was in the database update 2010-12-09_10, released on 9th Dec 2236 UTC.

This detection inadvertently triggered on the file google-analytics.com/ga.js. This file is a script associated with Google Analytics, and it's found on a fair number of websites.

An exclusion for the file was released in the database update 2010-12-10_01 at 10th Dec 0052 UTC - about 2.5 hours after the bad update went out.

Apologies for any disruptions caused by this false alarm. We're sorry. To minimize disruptions, please make sure your product has been updated to use the latest database updates.