NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, March 4, 2011

ChronoPay and the ICPP scam Posted by Mikko @ 12:26 GMT

Once again, Brian Krebs sets the bar for data security bloggers. In his latest blog posts he details how Russian online payment processor ChronoPay is linked to various types of online crime.

Especially interesting is their link to the ICPP Copyright Foundation extortion case.

ICPP online fraud

We blogged about this case in April 2010, when this trojan was being widely distributed. It would lock infected computers, showing a list of copyright infringements found from the system. It would not unlock the system unless you used your credit card to pay "fines".

E-mails leaked to Krebs show that ChronoPay was directly involved with the scam. Even the topic of the e-mail shown below is titled "icpp-online.com Fraud Rate".


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