NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, March 14, 2011

Thanks For Help with the Brain Video Posted by Mikko @ 13:16 GMT

So, I went to Pakistan, traveled to Lahore, and took a taxi to the address found 25 years ago in the boot sector of the first PC virus. I found the address and knocked on the door. The creators of the first PC virus opened it.

The final result of this trip is now viewable as a 10 minute short film. You can see the film on our Brain mini-site, which also has lots of "behind-the-scenes" material about the trip.


The video is also available in 720p HD quality on YouTube.

Before I left for Lahore, I asked here on our blog for suggestions on what to ask them and got lots of ideas.

I'd like to thank the following blog readers for suggestions:

  •  Victor
  •  Marko
  •  Vess
  •  Rob Rosenberger
  •  Bart P
  •  George Janiashvili
  •  snuggl
  •  Nicholas Morris
  •  v2y
  •  Richard Lane
  •  June Westwood
  •  toknix
  •  John Moate
  •  tkrokli
  •  Fandi Gunawan
  •  RobertB
  •  Ad
  •  alvarezp
  •  ijaz
  •  Gerado Fonseca
  •  Francis Dhumes
  •  zeroXten
  •  JJ697
  •  Yogi
  •  Zer01
  •  palaniyappan
  •  Brad
  •  safeguy
  •  Efren Acosta
  •  Reza

Not everybody's question made it to the final film, but there are still a bunch of you mentioned in the end credits.

Thanks again!