NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

F-Secure Mac Protection Beta Problems Posted by Mikko @ 07:33 GMT

Mac beta

The beta version of our Mac OSX software, F-Secure Mac Protection, had a serious false alarm last night.

Database update 2011-03-14_03 caused several false alarms in clean files with detection names such as
Exploit:W32/NeosploitPDF.gen!A and Exploit:JS/Brooks.gen!A. The problematic update was removed after two hours. Beta users who received the update have seen some of their clean files moved to Trash.

This problem only affected users of our Mac OSX beta version (Technology Preview). Our Windows and Linux products were not affected in any way.

We're soon going to release a script that will restore the files from Trash back to their original locations. If you were affected by this issue, please do not empty your Trash in the meantime. See our forum for discussion.

Obviously this is not nice. We'd like to apologize to anyone affected by this error of ours.

Updated to add: We have now released a tool that will restore the files back to their original locations. You can download the tool from here.