NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, March 28, 2011

Twitter.com's Top Tweets Link to Adult Dating Spam? #NSFW Posted by Sean @ 15:29 GMT

Twitter.com has a verified account called @TopTweets that:

"…algorithmically selects and retweets some of the most interesting tweets spreading across Twitter. Enjoy!"


Enjoy, eh?

Well, it looks as if an adult dating spammer is gaming the system (or else Twitter really needs to tweak its top tweets algorithm):


@TopTweets recently retweeted this tweet from @CamGirlTrenity:


But more surprisingly, @TopTweets also retweeted this tweet from @SkypeCamGirls already on Saturday:


Guess nobody reported the spam over the weekend.

Hopefully Twitter will look into this soon as @TopTweets has over one million followers and we seriously doubt that they want to be exposed to sites such as getiton.com and camsexroulette.net.

Fortunately however, the links are obviously "not safe for work" (#nsfw) and relatively few people have clicked them. So perhaps most folks have just a bit more common sense than many so-called experts give them credit for?

Updated to add: Nice! Twitter has suspended both @CamGirlTrenity and @SkypeCamGirls (among others…).

Today's tweet is no longer in the @TopTweets feed and we expect that Saturday's will soon be purged as well.