NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, May 30, 2011

Phishing Sites Hosted on Google's Servers Posted by Mikko @ 08:45 GMT

Google Docs allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, et cetera at google.com (hosted in Google's cloud):


Spreadsheets can even contain functionality, such as forms, and these can be published to the whole world.

Unfortunately, that means we regularly see phishing sites via Google Docs spreadsheets and hosted on spreadsheets.google.com.

Here are some examples:




These are nasty attacks, as the phishing pages are hosted on the real google.com, complete with a valid SSL certificate.


While researching these, we ran into this Google spreadsheet form:


And for the life of us, we just can't figure out if this is phishing or if it's a valid page run by Google [see below for the answer].

Initially, the page obviously looks like phishing: it's hosted on the public spreadsheets.google.com server where anyone can host forms. And it asks for your Google Voice number, your e-mail address and the secret PIN code.

But then, you can also find that apparent Google Employees are linking to the form.

So, we can't figure it out. Can you?

Here's the URL to the form:

If you can figure this one out, let us know via comments.

Updated to add: The consensus on Twitter seems to be that it's a phishing site. The jury's still out though.


Updated to add: We got contacted by a Google employee.

They informed us that, surprisingly, the questionable page is indeed the official Google form to request Google Voice account transfer. They also told us to remove all references to the form in this blog post. But I'm afraid we can't do that.