NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, June 10, 2011

Malware Gang's $14.8 Million Bank Account Frozen Posted by Mikko @ 21:05 GMT

The US Attorney's office has today frozen a Swiss bank account belonging to Sam Shaileshkumar.

Mr. Shaileskumar, together with Bj�rn Sundin were the main figures behind Innovative Marketing Ukraine, a malware house that was operating from Ukraine. Neither Shaileshkumar or Sundin were nationals of Ukraine themselves. Shaileshkumar holds a US passport while Sundin is Swedish.

The amount of money in the frozen account? A cool $14,800,000. This is believed to be only part of the proceeds IMU did while using malware to push out rogue security products such as "Systemdoctor".

Systemdoctor rogue

As usual, these products did nothing useful. They found "problems" from any computer and would only "fix" them after you purchased a license.

The authorities have been after Sundin and Shaileshkumar for quite a while. Both are still on the run.

bjorn sundin + jain shaileskumar

Here's the INTERPOL Wanted page for them:

bjorn sundin + jain shaileskumar