NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, July 14, 2011

TED Posted by Mikko @ 09:19 GMT

I remember discovering TED.COM in late 2006. Since then, I've watched or listened hundreds of TED Talks, each of which lasts only 18 minutes. My favourite ones include Stephen Wolfram's Computing Theory of Everything and Ric Elias' 3 things I learned when my plane crashed.

So, in 2009 I attended TED in Long Beach, California. Attending a TED conference isn't straightforward: you need to apply and have two people recommend you. Sitting in the same audience with people like Al Gore, Bill Gates and Paul Simon blew me away. I wanted to do a TED Talk myself.

I've always been lucky. So earlier this year I was invited to speak at TEDGlobal 2011.

TEDGlobal 2011 Stage - Photo: Robert Leslie / TED
Photo: Robert Leslie / TED

TEDGlobal 2011 has been a blast. I did my talk yesterday to a crowd more intensive than I've ever seen. It went well.

Mikko Hypponen doing his TED Talk at TEDGlobal 2011 - Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED
Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED

I believe it's the only TED Talk I've seen that used an overhead projector and transparencies, as commented here by comedian Robin Ince:

Robin Ince TED 2011

I'll let you know when the video is posted to TED.COM.

Thanks to everybody who helped me pull my talk together, especially Misha Glenny, Petteri Kankkunen, Juuso Koponen, Joachim Viide, Jani Kentt�l�, Miguel Rodriguez and F-Secure Labdev!