NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TED Talk Posted by Mikko @ 10:38 GMT

So, I did a TED Talk on Defending The Net in TEDGlobal last week.

TEDGlobal 2011 Mikko Hypponen

Attending TED was amazing.

Speaking at TED was nerve-wrecking… especially as I had several risky live demos in my 18-minute talk. However, all went well.

I'm happy to report the talk is out now on TED.COM. An HD version of the talk is available as MP4 here.

TEDGlobal 2011 Mikko Hypponen

If you like the talk, please pass it on. I think watching this short talk would be especially useful to people who don't know much about online risks.

Furthermore, there's a veeery long discussion thread on my talk in Reddit, and I'm answering questions on what goes into building a talk like this.

TEDGlobal 2011 Mikko Hypponen

I'm humbled by all the great feedback I received for my talk, both on location in Edinburgh and now online.

Thanks all,