NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, August 22, 2011

Did you fall for a 419 scam? Get your money back! Or not. Posted by Mikko @ 13:15 GMT

People that have already fell for one scam are more likely to fall for another. That seems to be the logic behind the latest Nigerian advance-fee fraud scams.

They explain to you that if you've lost money in a Nigerian 419 scam, you can apply for compensation — after paying a suitable fee…

Here's a copy of the scam e-mail:

  From: "Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nigeria" (hr@wdzy.net)
  Subject: Swindled by Nigerian? Apply for compensation now!
  Reply-To: cn.verification@07168.cn
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal Republic of Nigeria
  Maputo Street
  off Abidjan Street
  Wuse Zone 3,
  P.M.B. 130, Garki
  Our Ref: FGN/WB/MFA/CitiBank/2011 (1/1)
  Dear Sir/Madam
  This is to announce to you that the Federal Government of Nigeria supported by the
  World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have allocated $50.000
  each for every scam victims for monetary loss and damages.
  The compensation funds were deposited at Citibank Nigeria (CN) and the funds will be
  transferred free of charge by Citibank Nigeria (CN) as instructed by the Federal
  Government of Nigeria so you do not need to pay any transfer fee or tax of any kind
  and the transfer will also be monitored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for confirmation
  reasons. The funds have been insured to avoid unnecessary deductions until they get
  to their various destinations.
  Take note that we have never held any scam victims compensation program in Nigeria.
  This is the First-Of-Its-Kind. Do not be deceived by anybody, any organization
  or any Ministry!
  If you have been scammed send your NAME and ADDRESS for verification to any of the
  two (2) email addresses listed below, the email addresses are set up by Citibank
  Nigeria (CN) for this compensation purpose only:
  Email1: cn-verification@07168.cn
  Email2: cn.verification@07168.cn
  The means of verification is via Western Union and MoneyGram, if truly you have
  sent money to Nigeria your name will be in their database
  Please do not respond to any email which asks you to send your username and password
  for any reason, if you have already done that kindly change your password immediately.
  Yours sincerely,
  Mrs. Irewolede Janet Michael
  (Public Relations Officer)
  Oversea Communication Department
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Nigeria.

Don't fall for these scams.