NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, September 10, 2011

T2 Challenge 2011 Posted by Mikko @ 08:35 GMT


The T2 Information Security conference is — once again — running a challenge. The first person to solve this year's puzzle wins free tickets to the event. In addition, the T2 Advisory Board will select another winner among the next ten correct answers based on the elegance of the answer.

The challenge is online right now.

This year you are facing a multistage Challenge. Each stage contains a hidden URL. Browse to the URL and input your e-mail address to receive a link to the next stage. Once you have solved all the stages, send a description of your solution to the email address you received in the last e-mail.

There's a live scoreboard tracking the progress of the competitors.

Download the first part of the challenge (it's an MP3 audio file) to start the challenge.

Updated to add: And the winner is… Ludvig Strigeus of �Torrent, ScummVM and Spotify fame!

According to (challenge designer) Timo Hirvonen, there was only four minutes between the 1st and 2nd complete solution.