NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, September 26, 2011

Hackers to Release iTunes Song Today Posted by Sean @ 13:12 GMT

TeaMp0ison (the hacker group responsible for defacing RIM's BlackBerry blog back on August 9th) and members of Anonymous are set to release a music track today at 4:12 PM, British time, and are daring the music industry to censor it.


The group is making #OpCensorThis available via iTunes and YouTube.

It's taken a while for them to produce their song. They first published their intentions to do so back on August 11th.


Here's a a selected portion of the text:

"We are going to take youtube and iTunes by storm and flood the song into the world around us, with proceeds going to charities that are actively striving to change it. Once this hits the charts, radio stations will by law, have to play it. Will they thwart the law to continue making sheep out of the people?"

We're not exactly sure what law it is that requires radio stations to play OpCensorThis should it happen to "chart"…

It all sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy to us. If the song fails to chart, TeaMp0ison will claim that it was censored by the music industry, giving them cause to target the music industry.

Somewhat ironically, when searching for additional details about OpCensorThis and iTunes, we kept hitting Google's bot checking captcha page.


Guess Google doesn't like the name?

It took TeaMp0ison over a month to complete their project. Now there may well be too much noise for their signal to get through… even without any "censorship".

Updated to add: And almost not surprisingly, TriCk of TeaMp0ison failed to deliver the goods — no song as promised. He supposedly fell asleep. We would link you to the Tweet (http://twitter.com/TeaMp0isoN_/status/118246210443284480) in the screenshot above but it's been censored deleted.

Some hackers make for poor "revolutionaries". OpCensorThis may still be released, but frankly, we've lost interest at this point.